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Henan Guiyou Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Shangqiu City, Henan Province, the Liangyuan Jinqiao northbound section

Service center

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Service support system
1.Give customers enough passion, respect and caring: "customer is God". In terms of giving customers enough passion, respect and care to give customers enough passion for pre-sale, or in the aftermarket, with full respect for the customer and the customer's every need, care for our customers and enthusiastic work attitude, initiative provide services.

2.Help customers solve the problem: whether it is a single product or service, as long as the customer is in trouble, then the customer's problem is our problem - customers are thinking.

3. to respond quickly to customer needs. When our customers express his needs, respond quickly to customer needs: the training of service personnel in place to respond quickly to customer needs, so we can ensure rapid response to his demand for the first time immediately - anxious customer anxious.

4. Has always been customer-centric. Has always been customer-centric: we proceed from the construction team carefully selected a number of service clearance, excellent service team expertise, distribution to our service point distance communication with customers. In the process of providing services to customers, always to our customers as the center, and pay close attention to the needs of customers. Only to think from the customer's point of view, the matter of the customers as their own things, to actively make plans for clients; only to 'help others' - customer service as 'music', always full of mental state let another one customer satisfaction.

Continue to provide professional, quality service: often say, is very easy to do a good thing, is to make a lifetime good. Services, we can not only provide a quality service for customers, and more commitment to provide customers with long-term, even lifelong high-quality, efficient service. Whether it is the sense of service of our employees clearance excellent professional knowledge, or the diversification of our service projects, systematic, all reflect the professionalism of our services. Rigorous, human services management, so as to ensure the quality of our professional services, it created the reputation of our service has been praised by our customers.

6. Yourself for the sake of customers. Do has always been customer-centric premise, empathy service thinking in our service. Put ourselves for the sake of customers means the entire service process, we can stand on the customer's point of thinking, understanding customers point of view, customers most need to know and what most do not want to provide instant satisfaction.

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